Lift Service & Installation

Our lift crew specializes in installing Stertil-Koni heavy duty in-ground lifts. We have installed over 100 of these machines, and have an excellent record of clean, efficient installations. In addition, we have installed over 15 of the new gen V eco lifts, and have developed a number of special techniques to get them installed quickly and correctly, avoiding problems with track binding and excessive noise that can occur if they are not aligned properly.


Why go with us?

We have a trailer full of tools used to put these lifts in safely and easily.
Many of these tools cannot be bought – we made them ourselves, or had them custom made for us. You can get a lift in without them… That’s how we started. But having them will save time and money, and minimize the chance that the machine is damaged during installation.

We have experience.
We know immediately if there is a warranty issue with a machine, or a problem with the job site. A lift installer’s nightmare is to have the lift half in the hole, only to realize that the pit is shallow, or short, or that the conduits come in at the wrong places – meaning the lift has to be removed, stored while the mistakes are fixed, and re-installed. Catching a mistake like that can mean the difference between a successful, profitable job, and a money loosing nightmare.

You know what you’re in for.
Our pricing is fair, our terms are clear, and you can plan on staying within your schedule and budget with the installation phase of the job.


We believe in fair and transparent pricing. Here are our rates for normal installs within 500 miles of Valparaiso, Indiana. If you are outside that radius, need some custom work done, or would like us to help with a removal, call us. We can work something out:

Eco 60 Eco 90 Diamond Lift Cassette Diamond Lift Mechanicals
First Lift call for current pricing
Each Additional Lift (219) 232-8132

What you need to supply:

  1. A hole to put the lift in.
  2. A 10,000 lb tellehandler.
  3. A complete Stertil-Koni Eco 60 or 90 lift, with shims, anchors, cover plates, etc.
  4. 110 V power to run our tools
  5. Power to the lift console
  6. Air to the lift console
  7. Any insurance, bonds, etc. beyond what we normally carry (call us if there is some special requirement, we can work it out).

What we supply:

  1. Labor
  2. Hand tools, fixtures, handling brackets, rigging, power tools, hydraulic hose crimper, hammer drills, lasers and other measuring tools
  3. One pre-install meeting with an experienced installer to iron out design details
  4. Lodging for the crew
  5. Transportation for the crew
  6. Safety equipment
  7. Safety training (we will coordinate with your safety manager to ensure appropriate procedures are followed)
  8. Technical help during project planning
  9. Any warranty service necessary (we guarantee our work, and will fix any install errors  at our own expense. If there is a defect with the lift we will fix it for a fee, which can then be charged to Stertil-Koni).
  10. Peace of mind

We can also install all other types of lifts and many other types of industrial machinery at competitive prices. If you have a project you would like us to quote, please don’t hesitate to let us know.