Property Management

Good property management is more than just picking up the rent check and keeping some of it for yourself.

Commercial property is a very serious investment. It is essential that the value of your property is protected by proper maintenance and good decisions during buildouts and retrofits. New work needs to be designed and built to the correct building codes. And liability must be avoided at all costs.

In addition to paying their rent, tenants need to have the right inspections, insurance, and maintain your facility.

And the lawns need to be mowed, snow plowed and shoveled, gutters cleaned, furnace filters changed, and all of the other things that keep a building safe, secure, and valuable need to be kept up with.

At Anderson Analytical, we employ a collaborative approach to getting all these things done. Instead of brow beating your tenants, we think our job is to help them get through the process of growing and changing to keep up with their industry’s demands.

We do our best to schedule maintenance when it is convenient for everyone. If we ever use contractors, we check their work and take responsibility for it.

In addition to working on your property for you, we offer to perform service on building systems your tenant is responsible for, and build out new facilities for them at very competitive rates. If they decide to go with us, we then have records of what work was done, when it was done, specifically who did the work, what maintenance needs to be performed and when. We use that information to ensure that your facility will remain the good investment that you purchased.